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My name is Lisa aka sexpot lida and I've been in the PC and hexing since 1997. This is my archive of everything I've created in the last years.  Unfortunately most of my old files are lost. I have owned numerous petz sites in the past i.e Old School, Diesel, Fishsticks.

Thank you Luli for hosting my files

This is  Petz 4 website.

est. 2017/9/19


28th December 2018

- Added some cuties to the layout.

- Added Dodger, Tramp, Angel, Aeron to the "Hexies" page.


23rd December 2018

- NEW Layout 

(probably forever lol)

 I love this old school petzy look and since i rarely have time to remodel this is gonna stay for a loooong time :)

- NEW Breed (Cane Corso!)

 Im so happy with this breed file, top 3 for sure. enjoy it and please let me know if you like it or senc me cute pics of your puppers.  


Feel free to ask me any questions or leave suggestions for breedz you'd like to see.

© Lisa, 2017-2019

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